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Dell EqualLogic PS M4110 Blade Array

Dell EqualLogic PS M4110 Blade Array price in hyderabad, telangana, nellore, vizag, India, kerala
    • RAID :
      PS-M4110E, PS-M4110X, PS-M4110XV:
      RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10, and RAID 501
    • PS-M4110XS:
      RAID 6 accelerated
      Hard Drive
      Hard disk drives:
    • PS-M4110E, PS-M4110X, PS-M4110XV:
      Fourteen 2.5" hot-pluggable hard disk drives
    • PS-M4110XS:
      Nine 10K SAS +
    • Physical:
      Half-height, double-wide storage blade
    • Height:
      189 mm (7.44 inches)
    • Width:
      102 mm (4.015 inches)
    • Depth:
      515 mm (20.275 inches)
    • Weight:
      27.54 lb (12.49 kg)
      28.38 lb (12.87 kg)
      27.82 lb (12.62 kg)
      27.82 lb (12.62 kg)
      Wattage: 450W
    • Voltage: 12VDC
      Max Power input: 450W
      Input Current: 37.5A
    • Typical Power:
      PS-M4110E: 248.9W
      PS-M4110X: 261.0W
      PS-M4110XV: 293.3W
      PS-M4110XS: 230.4W
    • Management :
      Dell Chassis Management Console (CMC) integration Dell Storage Manager (DSM):
      Allows you to perform day-to-day tasks across SC and PS Series arrays from a single management interface PS Series Group Manager PS Series SAN Headquarters multigroup performance and event monitoring tool
    • Serial console :
      Ability to configure a separate management network SNMP, telnet, SSH, HTTP, web (SSL), host scripting
      Multiadministrator support
    • Additional Features :
      Dependencies on other components:
      Blade enclosure: PowerEdge M1000e
    • Blade I/O modules:
      Dell Networking MXL 10/40GbE blade switch, PowerConnect M8024-k, M8428-k and 10Gb
      Ethernet Pass-Through-k modules with external switches
      Power supplies and fans: Supplied by Dell PowerEdge M1000e blade enclosure
      Rack support: See Dell PowerEdge M1000e blade enclosure